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凌獅運動用品專門店成立於2000年, 多年來一直與本地Yonex官方供應商緊密合作, 專門售賣Yonex羽毛球用品, 並與各方交流專業意見, 致力提升我們服務的質素.

此外, 我們亦與眾多本地商戶合作, 希望更全面推廣羽毛球運動.如有任何合作機會, 歡迎直接聯絡我們.
TEL :  +852-53611232   吳先生 
            +852-97193012   邱小姐

LuxisSport Ltd was established since 2000 and we have been tightly cooperated with Yonex official supplier in selling authorized Yonex products. We actively communicate with different professionals and local business units in aim to enhance our services levels and hoping to further promote badminton sports in Hong Kong.Please feel free to contact us directly for any collaboration opportunities.

TEL :  +852-53611232   Mr Ng       
            +852-97193012   Miss Tessa Yau 


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WHATSAPP :5361 1232
WHATSAPP: 9719 3012

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